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Emmanuel Hudson - Cheat: The Whisper Song
[Andre Columbus:]
Hey, how you doing lil' mama
Can you sit over here?
Tell me a little something I might like to hear
Let me get all the answers for numbers one through four
And I'll tap you again if I need some more
Girl, why you playing cause you know I'm the best
Cause when it comes to the cheating don't get caught like the rest
Is it A, B, C, or D?
Girl, you need to tell me something for our Christmas tree
Just tell me number four, is it A or B?
Girl, go on and move your arm
Let me sneak a peak
Yo Brad go look in the hall
And if the teacher come back then squall
"Like ooh?"
Yeah, something like that but you got to keep it down or she might come back
Man I know I'm going to fail
Cause this test this wack
Should have listened to Kosher and just sat in the back

Let me see your test
What's the answers to this test?
I gotta pass!
Let me see your test
What's the answers to this test?
I don't wanna fail this class
I got F's (F's) [x15]

[Chase Walker:]
Your smart, so you know I'm gonna sweat you
Forget about your breasts, show your boy the test
What's number ten? Is the answer B, or is it C, or is it D?
Don't be stingy with the answers on the page
Who cares if we sit close and get the same grade?
The teacher won't know if we don't get caught
I can't remember what the hell she taught
So I cheat (Cheat Cheat)
Like a dog

"Part 2 of the test is tomorrow."

Like damn, man hurry up quick
I need a few answers give me one through six
The teacher already know I'm a class clown
That's why I'm trying my best not to make a sound (Sound, sou-)

"Eyes forward, classroom. No cheating."


[Emmanuel Hudson:]
I played Madden all night so I ain't get a chance to study
Teacher keep looking at me, she don't trust me
Report cards drop soon I've got a thirty-five average
Need forty-eight answers and I've got to write a passage
Don't be acting like that, show me some love
Is it A or B, or all the above?
Don't put your name on it yet, just switch it with me when your through
Fifty questions answered and I'm only sure about two
I'll mark a couple answers wrong just to make it look real
I got a cheat sheet sitting under my heel
I can't get to it
She keep looking this way
So stretch if it's B, and cough it's A
Can you move a little closer it's getting harder to see
So just wink when it's C, and yawn if it's D
Better hope your ass is right, cause if I fail and your the reason
I'm telling on everybody else that was cheating

"Ok. Pencils down, students. Pass your papers forward please."
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